June 2024

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Are you looking for a professional photographer and have exclusive photos of yourself, family, child or a close person?
You are in the right place – our team can assure you photographs that will impress even the most demanding people.

You don’t have to think about what to dress, about the accessories or the makeup – if you entrust us to make an artistic photo shoot, we can organize everything for you.

Children grow up, people change and time runs away, carpe diem – order a photo shoot today if you want to capture the moment and be proud of owning a valuable piece of art.

How to get ready for an artistic photoshoot?

  • Get in contact with your photographer in order to make an appointment and decide on the concept of the photo shoot (you will receive suggestions about all that needs to be done so that the photos will look perfect)
  • Come to the pre-established place and enjoy the photo shoot
  • you will see soon the stunning effects of the artistic job ;)

Who can order an artistic photo shoot?

  • there are no limis – you, your friend or a family member
  • if you are thinking of making an original present to someone, an artistic photo shoot would be a great gift for your girlfriend, wife, husband or friend, and of course for your self too!!!

What is the outcome of an artistic photo shoot?

  • here below you can see some examples of artistic photographs made by our team.
  • take into account that according to our standards, artistic photographs are not an outcome of solely a good atmosphere in the photos, makup and styling – post processing and retouch is an extremely important part of work – you can see it from the works. below :)
  • the post-processing of 1 photograph takes from 4 to 7 hours and it is done in several photography editing programs
  • in the end you will receive a poster in paper photography for free – this is our standard

What is the price?

You can order an artistic photograph starting from 130 euro. Contact us for further details.


Anastasia Tolstay - mystic photography

Olga, ballerina w lesie

Soap bubbles and model photo

An Asian model in a magic field

Zdjęcia artystyczne